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English-Hindi > machicolated

machicolated meaning in Hindi

machicolated sentence in Hindi
1.The large roof terrace was surrounded by a machicolated battlement.

2.The flat roof is hidden behind a machicolated solid balustrade.

3.Inside the moat is the'keep', an ancient machicolated tower.

4.The corners are marked with projecting turrets or bartizans, while the upper level is machicolated.

5.There is a machicolated opening about each embrasure of the parapet, which is drained by gargoyled cannon-spouts.

6."To the left, the castle with machicolated towers and a large window and door leading on to the terrace.

7.The ruin suggests that the keep was around 16m by 12m, with walls 2.9m thick rising to a machicolated parapet.

8.The battlements are loopholed for musketry, and the merlins over the gateways and at certain places along the wall, are machicolated.

9.In France, the keep at machicolated designs, a trend adopted in Spain most prominently through the Valladolid school of Spanish castle design.

10.An arrowhead shaped barbican was added to the east of the moat and was protected by another moat and machicolated battlements on the north side.

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