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English-Hindi > machiavellianism

machiavellianism meaning in Hindi

machiavellianism sentence in Hindi

• मेकियावेलीवाद
1.These principles became known as " Machiavellianism ".

2.The dark triad of personality consists of psychopathy, Machiavellianism and narcissism.

3.In studies there was a positive correlation between Machiavellianism and workplace bullying.

4.Machiavellianism predicted involvement in bullying others.

5.:See Machiavellianism, although in this case the lady is using a diferent kind of stilleto.

6.More recent scholarship has disagreed with the characterization of " Arthashastra " as " Machiavellianism ".

7.The presence of Machiavellianism in an organisation has been positively correlated with counterproductive workplace behaviour and workplace deviance.

8.A personality trait directly linked to emotion and empathy where gender differences exist ( see below ) is Machiavellianism.

9.In research, Machiavellianism was positively associated with subordinate perceptions of abusive supervision ( an overlapping concept with workplace bullying ).

10.Oliver James identifies Machiavellianism as one of the dark triadic personality traits in the workplace, the others being narcissism and psychopathy.

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