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English-Hindi > machismo

machismo meaning in Hindi

machismo sentence in Hindi
• मर्दानगी भरा व्यवहार
1.The result was a drive for toughness, competitiveness, machismo.

2.There's also not a little machismo in their choice.

3.Who would have thought machismo and insolence could turn so maudlin?

4.In a nutshell : Well-acted depiction of masochistic machismo.

5.This machismo is out of place and out of its time,

6.She represents the unwinding matriarchal structure that belies Spanish traditional machismo.

7.It is also a part of rigid gender roles and machismo.

8.Once part of the national identity, machismo is under fire here.

9.This is neither misplaced machismo nor absurd, hormonal-based posturing.

10.They boast about their skills but refuse to praise violence or machismo.

exaggerated masculinity

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