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mastaba sentence in Hindi

"mastaba" meaning in Hindimastaba in a sentence
  • The first tomb structure that the Egyptians built was the mastaba.
  • It contains a large pyramid and several mud-brick mastabas.
  • She was buried with her husband in mastaba 16 at Meidum.
  • Nofret was buried with her husband in mastaba 16 at Meidum.
  • It is a joined mastaba belonging to Ptahhotep Tjefi and Akhethetep.
  • The first dynasty mastabas for example, were simply rectangular tombs.
  • The mastaba measures 21 / 90 ?11.50 m.
  • Mastabas provided better protection from scavenging animals and grave robbers.
  • On January 10, 1913 he discovered Mastaba of Kaninisut.
  • This chamber is approached through the mastaba tomb's false door.
  • Nefertkau may have buried in mastaba G 7050 at Giza.
  • Khamerernebty was buried in the mastaba belonging to her husband.
  • In the second dynasty mastabas were already showing designs reminiscent of stairways.
  • A mastaba doesn't look anything like the pyramids of Giza.
  • The term " mastaba ", which is Tura limestone.
  • The mastaba is about 10 meters long and about 4 meters wide.
  • The false doors are cut into the mastaba on its east side.
  • Washptah is mainly known from his mastaba in North Saqqara.
  • The mastaba was a huge burial complex that was found heavily destroyed.
  • He is mainly known from is mastaba ( C6 ) at Saqqara.
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