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English-Hindi > meatus

meatus meaning in Hindi

noun plural: meatuses   
meatus sentence in Hindi
1.Unlike modern cetaceans, basilosaurids retained a large external auditory meatus.

2.The openings to the posterior ethmoidal sinuses exist under the superior meatus.

3.Most inhaled airflow travels between the inferior turbinate and the middle meatus.

4.The first pharyngeal groove produces the external auditory meatus ( ear canal ).

5.The meatus has varying degrees of sensitivity to touch.

6.The inferior meatus is the largest of the three.

7.Localization of urethral meatus was described in detail.

8.Symptoms of urethral injury include hematuria, blood at the meatus, and dysuria.

9.The urinary meatus is located below the clitoris and just in front of the vagina.

10.This produces a spiral stream of urine and has the effect of cleaning the external urethral meatus.

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a natural body passageway

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