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English-Hindi > meatmen

meatmen meaning in Hindi

meatmen sentence in Hindi
1.The comp also featured the Meatmen and Necros, among others.

2.Rachman and Forgey were part of the original Meatmen.

3.NA, the Meatmen and Necros then embarked on the Process of Elimination tour.

4.Richard Moore also played in the Meatmen, Double-O and Second Wind.

5.Vee disbanded the Meatmen in 1996.

6.They were very heavily influenced by bands such as The Meatmen, Stevie Stiletto, Kiss.

7.She eventually encountered the Meatman, but discovered that he was not responsible for the murders.

8.In 2007, Tesco began playing Meatmen shows again with a new lineup of Michigan musicians.

9.When Minor Threat dissolved, he played guitar in The Meatmen and the first incarnation of Samhain.

10.It was covered by The Meatmen on their album " Pope on a Rope ".

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