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English-Hindi > merl

merl meaning in Hindi

merl sentence in Hindi
1.In 2006, MERL began selling the DiamondTouch table product commercially.

2.Since 1991, MERL has been awarded more than 700 patents.

3.I generally prefer the cover versions to the original Merl compositions.

4.The blow fell on the French lines between Merl and Fayencerie.

5.The old Romanesque tower stood preserved on today s graveyard in Merl.

6.Wallenborn was then administered by Baron von Zandt zu Merl.

7.Beginning in 1597, the lordship belonged to Lord Zandt von Merl.

8.Ms . Merl invested in the Fidelity Latin America fund several years ago.

9.Merl Mennenga called the race in Kosmala's favor and against Brackens.

10.Merl and Marie made their home in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

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common black European thrush
Synonyms: blackbird, merle, ouzel, ousel, European blackbird, Turdus merula,

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