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English-Hindi > ousel

ousel meaning in Hindi

ousel sentence in Hindi
1.The creature is variously known as the Sidehill Ousel, Gyascutus, Sidewinder, Wampus, Gudaphro, Hunkus, Rickaboo Racker, Prock, Gwinter, or Cutter Cuss.

2.Yet Keene was commissioned, probably at short notice, to make not only the dragon but also a bear, a magpie and an ousel for " Siegfried ", a car with rams for Fricka in " Die Walk�re ", and sacrificial beasts and a pair of ravens for " G�tterd�mmerung ".

3.Birds and animals ousel, wapiti, elephant, mocking-bird, moose, and many others are described in the words of the hunter-naturalist TR . Historical topics from before Roosevelt's era are covered, including the fall of the Roman Empire, the Mongol Invasions, the French Revolution, and the War of 1812.

4.Unfortunately Pennant's letters to White have been lost : White's " Natural History " begins with 44 of White's letters to Pennant, of which the first nine were never posted; the remaining 35 letters are dated between 4 August 1767 and 30 November 1780, covering topics as varied as whether swallows hibernate or migrate ( letter 10 ), ring ousels ( letter 20 ), whether peacock trains are really tails ( letter 35 ), and thunderstorms ( letter 44 ).

common black European thrush
Synonyms: blackbird, merl, merle, ouzel, European blackbird, Turdus merula,

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