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English-Hindi > merlon

merlon meaning in Hindi

merlon sentence in Hindi
1.It is also the home of Merlon the fortune-teller.

2.Campaigns on the wreck by Merlon followed each other until 1913.

3.The battlements are 13th century with tall arrowslits in the merlons.

4.The stone wall and towers were topped by three-step merlons.

5.All the walls have machicolations and swallowtail merlons for defense.

6.These merlons are repeated on the walls of the church and cloister.

7.It has an observation deck that is surrounded by merlons.

8.Above them are the merlons, supported by ogival arches.

9.The same carving is also done on merlons on top of Shahi Mosque.

10.Loopholes were made both in the merlons themselves, and under the crenels.

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a solid section between two crenels in a crenelated battlement

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