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English-Hindi > misapprehended

misapprehended meaning in Hindi

misapprehended sentence in Hindi
1.Finally, consider one of the most famous, misapprehended women of antiquity.

2.I misapprehended which page I was on.

3.:: You have also misapprehended the meaning of " no free equivalent " in this context.

4.Although it was not necessary to decide that question, it was stated that the argument misapprehended the doctrine of interjurisdictional immunity:

5.In authorizing the instructions, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals appeared to have " clearly misapprehended our prior decision,"

6.But if Hirohito's real role has been misapprehended, so, to some extent, has the context of Bix's book.

7.Others are only rumored to exist, were misapprehended to tangentially related projects, or have yet to surface in the hands of archivists or record collectors.

8.This is still not too bad, but it is redundant, non-standardized, and has transliteration advice in a place where it has been repeatedly misapprehended as an article naming guideline.

9.Keynes felt that Hayek was splitting hairs with him terminologically and published a public response to the Austrian's criticisms, writing,  Dr Hayek has seriously misapprehended the character of my conclusions.

10.While assessing the state of physics laboratories in the country, the RF s field representatives consistently misapprehended what they were seeing, because they failed to detect the  culture of scarcity that informed research programs in the field.

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