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English-Hindi > misapprehensions

misapprehensions meaning in Hindi

misapprehensions sentence in Hindi
1.This is one of the many misapprehensions about the wine business.

2.What's the biggest misapprehension that people have about him?

3.This also was presumably misapprehension of Photinus'doctrine about Jesus.

4.Where do you come up with these broad and utter misapprehensions?

5.There seem to be many misapprehensions about wikipedia policy on consensus.

6.People are getting past the misapprehension that roses are wimpy.

7.Along the way, the author corrects a few misapprehensions.

8.It may be best understood by the misapprehensions it would later foster.

9.We're used to the minor misapprehensions of tourists.

10.But it would seem that Photius was under some misapprehension.

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