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English-Hindi > miserableness

miserableness meaning in Hindi

miserableness sentence in Hindi
1.Every spring, millions of people complain of stuffy noses, watery eyes, sneezing and general miserableness.

2."Mars Attacks ! " ) were virtually phoned in, is delightfully reinvigorated by Melvin's miserableness.

3.Until mid-September, symptoms will only get worse as pollen counts rise, eyes and noses itch, throats burn and general miserableness reigns among allergy sufferers.

4.This is for example the situation in many South American countries-where an average Western can live as a king without working for the rest of his life and there are districts for the minority of rich people ( in local terms-but they live in a very high standards undoubtedly ) and all the rest live in miserableness.

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