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English-Hindi > miserablism

miserablism meaning in Hindi

miserablism sentence in Hindi
1.It's quite a wallow in musical miserablism . R.

2.This burst of mocking miserablism helped ".

3.A reaction against the relentless miserablism of " Acedia ", History Of Guns followed it up with " The Spice Girls"

4.And outside its adjunctive origins as a projected Bowie album; known to be a play on Fritz Lang's film title Metropolis, over decades it has gathered semiotic connotations inferring'diabolism','miserablism'and'sleep walking '.

5.If the three other features-- " Secrets & amp; Lies, " " Career Girls " and the dolorous " All or Nothing, " an exercise in miserablism verging on self-parody-- were less successful, it is because, like his filmmaking compatriot Ken Loach, Leigh sometimes betrays his art for some political finger-wagging.

6.Calling it a " glum, humorless exercise in Asian miserablism ", he wrote that " " Stray Dogs ", with its glacial pace and disconnected narrative, often feels more like an art installation than like a movie . " He added that the film " sustains a hypnotic intensity anchored in exquisite cinematography that portrays the modern industrial cityscape as a chilly wasteland ."

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