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motived sentence in Hindi

"motived" meaning in Hindi
  • The prosecution's theory was that the motive was money.
  • But Ronald Reagan, superpatriot, professed to find sinister motives.
  • Many people involved in the case questioned Tisch's motives.
  • The police confirmed five deaths but said the motive was unknown.
  • The precise motives for the French intervention have never been clear.
  • Ajaj's travels also figure into the question of motive.
  • The only motive I can see is to influence the judge.
  • Whatever the motive, worshipers rushed from the mosque began rioting.
  • How do you judge other people's motives ?"
  • "We don't know the motive,"
  • Officials believe the motive was similar in New's attack.
  • Reiner said it will also be important to stress possible motives.
  • Darden said during his hourlong presentation, which focused on motive.
  • In the private sector, you operate on the profit motive.
  • Federal officials say Mitnick's motives have always been murky.
  • The police declined to speculate on the motive behind the killings.
  • So far, library officials have no motive for the vandalism.
  • Maybe his motives are noble, but his methods are annoying,
  • They impute to others their own good motives and good will.
  • Their motives were quite human : to make a big buck.
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