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English-Hindi > moulage

moulage meaning in Hindi

moulage sentence in Hindi
1.In Germany some universities and hospitals use their historical moulage collections for the training of students.

2.Towne was paid a huge retainer, as well as a large sum for each moulage.

3.In 2002, Nemer Saad?returned to Beirut and studied Pattern Making, Moulage and Design at Esmod.

4.The following year, Faiveley added the operations of Rh�ne Moulage and Sepal Ltd, two companies also centered in plastics.

5.In addition, Lassar was the first to assemble a collection of moulage ( model injuries for training purposes ) in Germany.

6.Another trend, as seen on the official website, is that Norev has acquired or re-introduced several venerable old diecast brands, including the French CIJ name and Provence Moulage.

7.The use of prosthetic makeup to create wounds or trauma is called moulage and is used by the military and medical schools to educate and lessen psychological trauma when exposed to the real thing.

8.Whereas CIJ focuses on trucks and industrial models and Norev on more everyday French cars with some racing versions, the angle of Provence Moulage seems to be on French historical and concept vehicles of more upscale model pricing.

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