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English-Hindi > naafi

naafi meaning in Hindi

naafi sentence in Hindi
1.World War II has ended, Milligan continues NAAFI performances.

2.NAAFI first saw overseas service in Ireland in 1922.

3.A NAAFI was provided for the forces'families.

4.Ramsay gives up, goes out and sends in an NAAFI canteen girl.

5.The Warsh'an Naafi'transmission represents the recitational tradition of Medina.

6.Evening farewell social dance in NAAFI Club.

7.Restaurant services were provided by the NAAFI.

8.Their free time is limited to visits to the NAAFI with period refreshments and facilities.

9.He returned to NAAFI work in World War II and was appointed OBE in 1947.

10.They were brought there to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the NAAFI in April 2010,

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