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naafi sentence in Hindi

"naafi" meaning in Hindinaafi in a sentence
  • World War II has ended, Milligan continues NAAFI performances.
  • NAAFI first saw overseas service in Ireland in 1922.
  • A NAAFI was provided for the forces'families.
  • Ramsay gives up, goes out and sends in an NAAFI canteen girl.
  • The Warsh'an Naafi'transmission represents the recitational tradition of Medina.
  • Evening farewell social dance in NAAFI Club.
  • Restaurant services were provided by the NAAFI.
  • Their free time is limited to visits to the NAAFI with period refreshments and facilities.
  • He returned to NAAFI work in World War II and was appointed OBE in 1947.
  • They were brought there to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the NAAFI in April 2010,
  • The recitation of Warsh'an Naafi'is one of two major recitation traditions.
  • Despite emerging from Egypt, the Warsh'an Naafi'recitation became widespread in North Africa.
  • The Warsh'an Naafi'recitation of the Quran differs from Hafs'an Asim in orthography.
  • Oberkirchen was close to the NAAFI winter sports center and Schleswig was on the dunes by the nude bathing area.
  • Powbank Mill closed at the outbreak of World War II, when it was requisitioned as a Canteen / Naafi.
  • The Navy, Army, Air Force Institutes was therefore established on 6 December 1920 and started trading as NAAFI in 1921
  • In 1983, it moved to the ex-NAAFI building, Alexandra House, where it remained for 19 years.
  • Formal evening opening assembly, ( in uniform ), followed by'Meet and Greet'in the NAAFI club.
  • The fort had three-storied barracks, a two-storey NAAFI, medical facilities and a Company HQ building.
  • The museum has since closed, and Brown's medals are now on display at the NAAFI headquarters in Darlington.
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