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English-Hindi > nabobs

nabobs meaning in Hindi

nabobs sentence in Hindi
1.San Francisco is out of step again, say the nabobs.

2.Bobby Riggs and the real nattering nabob of negativism, Spiro Agnew.

3.They are hand-crafted, not blended by some marketing nabob.

4.These days, the candidates see nabobs of negativism everywhere.

5.Given his unconventional views ( as revealed in his nabob.

6.In some areas, especially Bengal, the term is pronounced Nabob.

7.Consequently, he is called in the area the Nabob.

8.Nabob was purchased by German firm Jacobs Suchard in 1976.

9.And American television needs a nattering nabob of negativism.

10.There was still a Nabob post office in 1901.

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