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nabobs sentence in Hindi

"nabobs" meaning in Hindinabobs in a sentence
  • San Francisco is out of step again, say the nabobs.
  • Bobby Riggs and the real nattering nabob of negativism, Spiro Agnew.
  • They are hand-crafted, not blended by some marketing nabob.
  • These days, the candidates see nabobs of negativism everywhere.
  • Given his unconventional views ( as revealed in his nabob.
  • In some areas, especially Bengal, the term is pronounced Nabob.
  • Consequently, he is called in the area the Nabob.
  • Nabob was purchased by German firm Jacobs Suchard in 1976.
  • And American television needs a nattering nabob of negativism.
  • There was still a Nabob post office in 1901.
  • I never wanted to be a nattering nabob, dispensing advice to the powerful.
  • There is no place for snobs and nabobs, either : no first class.
  • News for nattering nabobs : Never knock negativism.
  • Those who warned against such thinking were chided as being nattering nabobs of negativism.
  • He called those opposed to the war the " nattering nabobs of negativism ."
  • Since 2008, Nabob has included Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans in their premium coffees.
  • Where does the word nabob come from?
  • Reluctantly, we nod our notepad to the Net's nattering nabob of nastiness.
  • "Nabob " joined the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow on 1 August.
  • Each Nabob premium blend container has the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal displayed on its canister.
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