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English-Hindi > nag hammadi library

nag hammadi library meaning in Hindi

nag hammadi library sentence in Hindi
नाग हम्माडी पुस्तकालय
nag    टट्टू गुनगुन
nag hammadi    नाग हम्माडी
library    लाइब्रेरी वाचनालय
1.The Nag Hammadi library is a collection of " Republic ".

2.The ancient Nag Hammadi Library revealed how widespread this movement was.

3.The manuscript was also found among explicit gnostic teachings in the Nag Hammadi Library.

4.Rodney Stark asserts that it is the same Nag Hammadi library that proves Irenaeus right.

5.More information has been available since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi library in 1945.

6.The Nag Hammadi library itself is full of passages that appear to encourage abstinence over indulgence.

7.A considerable number of apocryphal texts also survive in Coptic, most notably the Gnostic Nag Hammadi library.

8.The emergence of the Nag Hammadi library in 1945 greatly increased the amount of source material available.

9.The ancient Nag Hammadi Library, discovered in Egypt in the 1940s, revealed how varied this movement was.

10.The Nag Hammadi library is a collection of non-canonical books in his Festal Letter of 367 AD.

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