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English-Hindi > nagana

nagana meaning in Hindi

nagana sentence in Hindi
1.The village of Nagana ( in Pachpadra tehsil ) is one hour by road from Jodhpur.

2.Some game reserves were deproclaimed and the Nagana Campaign was implemented, which caused severe degradation of ecosystems.

3.He was assigned to investigate the case of cattle and horse sickness ( called nagana ) in sleeping sickness expedition.

4.Australian team leader Peter Rankin said, " Our Association is doing everything it can to get him to Nagana.

5.Many diseases such as Human African trypanosomiasis, Nagana disease in cattle, and Chagas disease are caused by kinetoplastid parasites.

6.Because Liu previously skated for China, and has not yet fulfilled the requirements for Australian citizenship, the Chinese must give their permission for him to skate in Nagana.

7.In case of the successful " nagana ", the accuser earned up to half of the property of the accused, the other half going to the state.

8.""'Nagana " "'is a 1933 American drama film directed by Ernst L . Frank and written by Don Ryan and Dale Van Every.

9.An interesting feature is the remarkable tolerance to nagana pathology shown by some breeds of cattle, notably the N'Dama  a West African " Bos taurus " breed.

10.But due to some reason the Agni Kund got down on the land and Ma Nagnechiya refused to move and hence a temple was constructed over there and that place is called Nagana.

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