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nailbourne meaning in Hindi

nailbourne sentence in Hindi
1.There are a number of minor tributaries that flow into the Nailbourne throughout the Elham Valley.

2.Geographically speaking, River is situated in a steep wooded valley formed by the Nailbourne ).

3.The Environment Agency is expected to make a decision on the Nailbourne application later in the year.

4.The Nailbourne bubbles up beneath St Ethelburga's Well in Tayne Field in the centre of Lyminge.

5.Most are nameless although Ordnance Survey maps do mark a stream known as the East Brooke which runs from Etchinghill and joins the Nailbourne at Lyminge.

6.In early 2007 it was revealed that an application had been made by a company called Newater to discharge treated sewage into the Nailbourne at Elham.

7.Whilst the Environment Agency has given assurance that the scheme is safe the application has raised concerns including those of the Little Stour & Nailbourne River Management Group.

8.The Nailbourne, a tributary of the Little Stour rises in Lyminge and flows intermittently in line with the seasons and rainfall through the centre of the village.

9.Bridge village is in the Nailbourne valley in a rural setting on the old Roman road, Watling Street, formerly the main road between London and Dover.

10.At the hamlet of Plucks Gutter, the second of the large tributaries enters the main river : the long Little Stour, which begins life as the spring fed Nailbourne stream.

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