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English-Hindi > nailhead

nailhead meaning in Hindi

nailhead sentence in Hindi
1.This should expose the nailhead enough so it can be pulled.

2.In the meantime, we can contemplate all those handsome nailheads.

3.A pair of luxurious satin slipper chairs are studded with nailheads.

4.With or without nailhead trim, leather is a sophisticated country mate.

5.Q . The nailheads on my clapboard siding are beginning to rust.

6.A . Ah yes, the rusting nailheads on clapboards.

7.The front edge may also be finished with brass nailheads.

8.A 1964 Buick 425-cubic-inch " nailhead"

9.Recaulk nailheads, tears or gaps with roofing cement; renail if necessary.

10.Can you get crafty enough to add jeweled nailheads to discount store candles?

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flattened boss on the end of nail opposite to the point

something resembling the head of a nail that is used as an ornamental device

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