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naive user sentence in Hindi

"naive user" meaning in Hindi
  • The hoax was inflated by well-meaning but naive users of the Internet.
  • We specifically designed it with the naive user in mind.
  • Care should be taken to warn naive users before blocking.
  • Naive users believed and spread the story, somewhat akin to the 1938 War of the Worlds panic.
  • VeriSign described the change as an attempt to improve the Web browsing experience for the naive user.
  • Some security experts predict that naive users will be lulled or conned into lowering their defenses _ and suffering the consequences.
  • Yet day after day, naive users download supposedly " free " software that promises all kinds of goodies, some useful, some fun.
  • According to Mechner, this was done as a joke, causing naive users to call tech support and ask why the game was upside-down.
  • I think the duty to inform potentially naive users is more important than some technicality .-THB 02 : 33, 5 December 2006 ( UTC)
  • So much is written about the Internet, the vast worldwide network of computers, that it is easy for relatively naive users to feel left out.
  • Naive users, on the other hand, were just as likely to look there as anywhere else, giving them the upper hand in discovering the actual program.
  • Alternatively, if you don't want to leave things so that a naive user will be confused, make a dummy edit to the page, which will update the history.
  • For example, in one study, experienced users showed no problem using any design, from the first to the last, while naive user and self-identified power users both failed repeatedly.
  • These features, and their lack with a magic pushbutton, are particularly important for naive users who are likely to make mistakes, less so for experts or the system's own programmers.
  • I think the words'notable'and'non-notable'need to be used, maybe in a bright colour or accompanying an icon; this is for naive users of wiki-otherwise they won't know what the icon means.
  • As far as I know no virus / worm that spread that way has ever caused significant damage all of the major epidemics were caused by naive users running attachments manually.
  • :I agree blocking such users is too harsh, however I don't think a warning on the edit page is enough ( what does a naive user do with such a message ? ).
  • :: : Nevertheless it wouldn't be too hard to collect passwords from naive users through a carefully-crafted javascript routine . & mdash; Carl ( talk ) 21 : 27, 6 September 2007 ( UTC)
  • He has engaged in tendentious and hostile editing toward me while " pretending " to be a brand, new naive user ( he's amazingly facile with the templates, the policies, the procedures for a newbie ).
  • Wikipedia is a very specialized kind of wiki ( WP : ENC ), with an incredibly complex set of policies and guidelines ( see : User : John Broughton / Editor's Index to Wikipedia ) to trip up naive users.
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