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naiver sentence in Hindi

"naiver" meaning in Hindi
  • Only the technically naive or the historically inclined demand paper anymore.
  • "We're not naive to that ."
  • David is naive, but he's not that naive.
  • David is naive, but he's not that naive.
  • I'd be naive not to admit that ."
  • The White House staff that launched Clinton was amateurish and naive.
  • The English are stilted and lofty or stilted and pitifully naive.
  • I thought justice would prevail, but how naive I was.
  • And she's so . . . naive ."
  • Naive as it may sound to some, hospitals have morals.
  • "I know I'm considered naive,"
  • Mescon conceded that he had been naive by not anticipating problems.
  • But Dr . King is considered naive by many people today.
  • We were naive, and we paid with everything we had.
  • Some of my favorite roles have been sort of naive individuals.
  • Call me naive, but I think Kenny Rogers is different.
  • But it is hardly naive or without considerable achievement to date.
  • I was completely naive about the business of being an actor.
  • My strong views on this question have not made me naive.
  • "You can't be naive in this league.
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