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English-Hindi > namdev

namdev meaning in Hindi

namdev sentence in Hindi
1.He also accompanied J?ne [ var and Namdev on their pilgrimages.

2.Namdev is one of the revered holy men in Sikhism as well.

3.Namdev is subsequently killed leaving behind a distraught widow Durgabai.

4.Namdev met his guru, Visoba Khechara, at Aundha Nagnath Temple.

5.There is one famous story told about Namdev and Aundha Nagnath temple.

6.The details of Namdev's life are unclear.

7.Preceding them were two notable 13th and 14th century figures, Namdev and Ramananda.

8.Once when he visited Pandharpur, he listened to Sant Namdev's kirtan.

9.Then Bhagat Namdev went back side of the temple and started singing bhajans there.

10.Namdev and other bystanders grieved his passing.

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