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English-Hindi > name board

name board meaning in Hindi

name board sentence in Hindi

नाम पट्ट
name    उपनाम शीर्षक
board    मंडल बराबर आना
1.The Place Names Board designated the suburb and its name in 1972.

2.A photograph of 1968 shows a name board with'Port Gordon'clearly displayed.

3.Part of the platform survives also, complete with name board posts.

4.In November 1970, the NSW Geographical Names Board attempted a compromise.

5.Enfield South is designated as a neighbourhood by the NSW Geographical Names Board.

6.Members of the Oregon Geographic Names Board elect the board president.

7.Unusually part of one platform, including a station name board, remain.

8.In 1911, the Geographical Names Board of Canada adopted " Tzuhalem Mountain ".

9.Two weeks ago, Laura Ashley named board member Lord Hooson as non-executive chairman.

10.The name is widely known and discussed on baby naming boards.

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