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English-Hindi > name card

name card meaning in Hindi

name card sentence in Hindi

नाम कार्ड
name    उपनाम शीर्षक
card    टिकट व्यवसाय
1.The brothers were identified by name cards at their postmatch news conference.

2.Gunn walked up to Jiang and presented a name card to introduce himself.

3.Over 1, 000 people now carry name cards with both surnames, campaigners said.

4.Then, glancing at my name card, she says, " He's got your name !"

5.She deftly grasped a reporter's name card between her fingers.

6.He also said he had named Card to serve as his chief of staff.

7.Nixon handed out a glass-encased name card to everyone as a gift, he said.

8.Slice a slit in the tops and insert name cards.

9."Eighteen months ago, they didn't even have my name card in the record store bins,"

10.There are three stacks of cards : code name cards, map cards, and identity cards.

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