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English-Hindi > nectars

nectars meaning in Hindi

nectars sentence in Hindi
1.Then stir this into the soup and add remaining clam nectar.

2.Today Nantucket Nectar's employees put in equally long hours.

3.He smelled of pollen, and nectar, and crushed grass.

4.The Java Bus coffee is like the nectar of the gods,

5.And Long Islanders are drunk on the sweet nectar of success.

6.This transforms the grape juice into an ultra-sweet nectar.

7.Consider the situation with the Shoshone drink, prickly pear nectar.

8.Canned fruit nectars and some yogurt drinks are other possible choices.

9.Pour a champagne flute one-fourth full with peach nectar.

10.1 / 4 cup mango juice, nectar or other tropical juice

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