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English-Hindi > neddy

neddy meaning in Hindi

neddy sentence in Hindi
1.Jack then stabbed Neddy in the back with his own Stanley knife.

2.When Neddy Roederer is killed, his adopted son, Griffin, also becomes a suspect.

3.Prior to the inquest, Neddy Smith was interviewed four times by four separate teams of detectives.

4.Neddy Smith refuses to involve himself in the matter, and advises Rogerson to follow his example.

5.According to the creator Kyle Carrozza, Neddy was Townsend's first original cartoon role in years.

6.Grimaldi sang " Me and my Neddy ", which proved very successful for both him and the theatre.

7.She also claimed that Neddy Smith had lied to the inquest and was involved in a conspiracy with Rogerson.

8.In late 1984, he became embroiled in the Sydney " gang wars " and sided with Neddy Smith.

9.The Bald Mountains are to the east, and Neddy Mountain and Meadow Creek Mountain are to the north.

10.Neddy's mannerisms on the show are based on The Tick which led to him being acquired the role.

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