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English-Hindi > nightstick

nightstick meaning in Hindi

nightstick sentence in Hindi
1.Aren't they trained to disarm someone using only nightsticks?

2.Police responded with tear gas and by beating demonstrators with nightsticks.

3.Residents have barricaded streets and patrolled neighborhoods with guns and nightsticks.

4.Police wearing helmets and carrying nightsticks made at least 350 arrests.

5.Police wearing helmets and carrying nightsticks made more than 500 arrests.

6.However, Slick was able to give Boss Man a nightstick.

7.P . O . V . : The End of the Nightstick.

8.I can remember nightsticks stinging the air during the 1968 Democratic convention.

9.The police used some force _ nightsticks and pepper gas.

10.Sands repeats, clutching his nightstick as he sprints to the car.

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a short stout club used primarily by policemen
Synonyms: truncheon, baton, billy, billystick, billy club,

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