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English-Hindi > truncheon

truncheon meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: truncheoned   verb past participle: truncheoned   noun plural: truncheons   verb present participle: truncheoning   
truncheon sentence in Hindi
1.The police were there to go after demonstrators with their truncheons.

2.Fiji's officers normally carry lightweight truncheons but no firearms.

3.Fiji's officers are issued lightweight truncheons but no firearms.

4.Women were also beaten with truncheons and they sustained severe injuries.

5.Truncheons are often ornamented with their organizations'coats of arms.

6.Tanks rolled up, soldiers hopped out, the truncheons started flying.

7.That is a few dozen blows of a truncheon on the body.

8.Right away, the commander hit Lesley with a truncheon,

9.It said police beat the demonstrators with truncheons, seriously injuring several.

10.Now, they must be in pairs and carry truncheons.

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a short stout club used primarily by policemen
Synonyms: nightstick, baton, billy, billystick, billy club,

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