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English-Hindi > nominalization

nominalization meaning in Hindi

nominalization sentence in Hindi
• संज्ञाकरण

• नामिकीकरण
1.Nominalization is the most important process in Wiyot for deriving nouns.

2.:You might like to read about agent nouns and nominalization.

3.Derivation that results in a noun may be called nominalization.

4.Writing advice sometimes focuses on avoiding uncritical overuse of nominalization.

5.The formation of deverbal nouns is one of the types of nominalization ( noun formation ).

6.Adjectives, verbs and verb phrases may be made into nouns by the use of nominalization particles.

7.Nominalization is a natural part of language, but some instances of it are more noticeable than others.

8.In other words, the participle serves as a nominalization for a simple past tense in the kartari prayoga.

9.From a linguistic perspective phenomena of nominalization are thus gone into from an outlook which eliminates any categorical cleavages.

10.In both cases, there is no overt relativizer morpheme, rather nominalization and case morphology are used to introduce relative clauses.

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