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English-Hindi > nominals

nominals meaning in Hindi

nominals sentence in Hindi
• नाम मात्र
• नाम के लिये
• बहुत मामूली
• छोटा
• जातिवाचक
• तुच्छ
• संज्ञात्मक
• सांकेतिक
• नामिक
• नाममात्र का
• बराय नाम के लिये
• नाम के लिये
• बहुत मामूली
• नाम का
• अवास्तविक
1.They receive a nominal rent for the use of the land.

2.Some retailers install them free or at just a nominal charge.

3.The new shares will have a nominal value of 10 markkaa.

4.This year the index is up 45 percent in nominal terms.

5.This year the index is up 61 percent in nominal terms.

6.This year the index is up 64 percent in nominal terms.

7.This year the index is up 70 percent in nominal terms.

8.This year the index is up 87 percent in nominal terms.

9.Department store sales were down a nominal 1.8 percent.

10."It's more nominal than material,"

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