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oak forest sentence in Hindi

"oak forest" meaning in Hindioak forest in a sentence
  • The current mayor of Oak Forest is Henry " Hank " Kuspa.
  • A small portion of Oak Forest feeds into Carl Sandburg High School.
  • In February 2009 some Oak Forest residents reported increased burglaries and thefts.
  • The walking is through meadows, mountains and oak forests along ancient paths.
  • Oak Forest is the third largest area after the annexation of Kingwood.
  • Oak Forest Canyon was purchased to facilitate access to Fossil Ridge Park.
  • It generally occupies pine-oak forest and other kinds of mountain forest habitat.
  • An acre of oak forest drops 2 1 / 2 tons of leaves.
  • This plant grows in oak and pine-oak forest and woodland habitat.
  • The other youth, Willard Branch, lived in the Oak Forest district of Houston.
  • The headwaters of the river is in the Sierra Madre Oriental pine-oak forest.
  • The 22-hectare Brdeanu forest is the only pedunculate oak forest in Buzu County.
  • The present oak forest has grown from the original dozen trees.
  • Forests and dense areas of hemlock trees and mixed oak forest.
  • Sufficient acreage in Oak Forest was set aside for churches, parks and schools.
  • "The oak forest system under study is exceedingly complex, " the ecologists said.
  • He died in Oak Forest, Illinois at the age of 81 in 1991.
  • Access is via a winding paved road through an oak forest.
  • The whole site has been turned into a public park, Seveso Oak Forest park.
  • Some of Oak Forest feeds into Tinley Park High School.
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