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English-Hindi > oarsman

oarsman meaning in Hindi

noun plural: oarsmen   
oarsman sentence in Hindi
1."We have aggressive oarsmen, " said Schmill.

2.Hundreds of fans lining the Thames in Henley applauded the oarsmen.

3.The crew of a kettuvallam comprises two oarsmen and a cook.

4.Freshman oarsmen are quartered in the second floor of the boathouse.

5.A noted oarsman, Channell won the Colquhoun sculls in 1860.

6.The structure initially accommodated only 3 full eights of heavyweight oarsmen.

7.The two Mowglis boats each seat six oarsmen with stationary seats.

8.Theater audiences, like oarsmen, tend to pull together.

9.We have six oarsman back and I feel good about our chances.

10.That same year Teti was chosen National Team oarsman of the year.

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someone who rows a boat
Synonyms: rower,

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