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English-Hindi > oast

oast meaning in Hindi

oast sentence in Hindi
1.The earliest surviving oast house is at Golford, Tunbridge Wells.

2.In Worcestershire and Herefordshire oast houses were known as hop kilns.

3.These oasts were much larger and constructed of modern materials.

4.Often they were much squatter in appearance than oast cowls.

5.The earliest description of an oast dates from 1574.

6.Very modern oasts bear little resemblance to traditional oasts.

7.Very modern oasts bear little resemblance to traditional oasts.

8.The centre was known for its Oast roundel style confectionery and advertising hoardings.

9.This is the oast house at Little Scotney Farm, Lamberhurst, Kent.

10.Many redundant oasts have been converted into houses.

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a kiln for drying hops

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