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obadiah sentence in Hindi

"obadiah" meaning in Hindi  
  • Any date for the composition of Obadiah must be held tentatively.
  • Madame Masque later informs Obadiah on what happened to the Enforcer.
  • Elijah sends Obadiah back to Ahab to announce his return to Israel.
  • Equally high was Obadiah's reputation as a casuist.
  • Obadiah was active also in the domain of religious philosophy.
  • His son Obadiah had married, but left no children.
  • Obadiah was the second Nigerian ever to qualify as a medical doctor.
  • Among the 16 prominent Rhode Islanders named was Obadiah Holmes.
  • He was ordained an Anglican priest in 1972 by Bishop Obadiah Kariuki.
  • About 1525 Obadiah left Rome and led for some time a wandering life.
  • Obadiah was an indefatigable writer, chiefly in the field of Biblical exegesis.
  • Now Pith Possum and Obadiah must rescue Doris Deer and clear their names.
  • Obadiah Brown also left First meeting place of the school from 1784-88
  • Obadiah finds that his near-death experience has awakened some latent talents.
  • The lastnamed is referred to by Obadiah of Bertinoro.
  • Its original owner was Obadiah Williams, a wealthy merchant of Huguenot origin.
  • Stark married Obadiah Stane from taking control of Stark Industries at least once.
  • Tony saves Obadiah, but Howard and Nifara are taken captive by Loni.
  • Obadiah's understanding of the Bible may have also played a role.
  • The Armor Wars conclude as Obadiah Stane discovers the identity of Iron Man.
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