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English-Hindi > obduracies

obduracies meaning in Hindi

obduracies sentence in Hindi
1.This kind of obduracy fosters burnout and frayed tempers.

2.Thomas quickly became known for his obduracy in the seat negotiations with the Liberals.

3.But Stalin was obdurate, and obduracy prevailed.

4.You have in your obduracy brought all of this on yourself and we are still sorry.

5.SHOT, the Shoot Hell Obduracy Troopers, are the anti-demon force in Akebono.

6.Implementation of the police legislation will not prevent periodic crises over the agreement occasioned by Ulster Unionist obduracy.

7.No stylist, he could tailor his game to the needs of the side, providing obduracy or attack as required.

8.Despite her skill, she is stymied in her efforts to advance the conversation by the male protagonist s uncooperative obduracy.

9.The worst outcome would be a Turkish veto on NATO's expansion prompted by Greek obduracy over EU membership for Cyprus.

10.Codde was suspended from the office of vicar apostolic in 1702 and excommunicated from the Catholic Church for his obduracy in 1704.

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