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English-Hindi > obconical

obconical meaning in Hindi

obconical sentence in Hindi
1.Pedicellate fruits form between January and September that are cupular to hemispherical or obconical in shape.

2.Composed of an obconical & mdash; " inversely conical & mdash; " basal part, the pistil head is high.

3.Flowers are white in colour and later form fruit that are truncate-globose to obconical in shape on pedicels long containing dark brown seeds.

4.The epithet " " obconica " " means " obconical, " in other words, shaped like a cone but with the widest part farthest from the base.

5."Citrus crenatifolia ", found only in Sri Lanka, fruit is very small, moderately oblate to obconical, deep orange, and has a thin, moderately loose rind.

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