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oilcloth sentence in Hindi

"oilcloth" meaning in Hindioilcloth in a sentence
  • The oilcloth industry has been a prominent one for many years.
  • They sat on an oilcloth on the floor to eat their meals.
  • One of his specialties was painting directly into black oilcloth.
  • One of his specialties was painting directly onto black oilcloth.
  • Overlaps between sheets of fresh oilcloth would amalgamate naturally when pressed together.
  • He was president of the oilcloth company Wadsworth and Woodman.
  • The oilcloth doesn't keep out the rain.
  • Oilcloth was used on the kitchen walls and ceiling.
  • Many walls and ceilings were covered with oilcloth fabrics and combustible soundproof tiles.
  • Others have oilcloth-topped tables, menus, souvenirs, even air conditioning.
  • Boots likewise looked to-the-manor-born, with olive oilcloth spats.
  • Eventually it was purchased by Williamson, who moved linoleum and oilcloth manufacture to Lancaster.
  • Seams in traditional oilcloth could be coated after sewing to reduce leakage through their stitching.
  • People in the parade wore oilcloth coats to protect themselves from falling sparks and oil drippings.
  • Usually, Pirosmani painted on oilcloth.
  • For better protection against rain, dusters were made from oilcloth and later from waxed cotton.
  • Faces were often made of oilcloth.
  • Like many outsider artists, he used offbeat materials : newsprint, butcher paper and even oilcloth.
  • He was selling fabulous Mexican oilcloth in vibrant 1950s colors and prints for $ 8 a yard.
  • The next known versions he produced had printed'boards'on oilcloth squares with hand colored details.
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