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English-Hindi > oilcloth

oilcloth meaning in Hindi

oilcloth sentence in Hindi
1.The oilcloth industry has been a prominent one for many years.

2.They sat on an oilcloth on the floor to eat their meals.

3.One of his specialties was painting directly into black oilcloth.

4.One of his specialties was painting directly onto black oilcloth.

5.Overlaps between sheets of fresh oilcloth would amalgamate naturally when pressed together.

6.He was president of the oilcloth company Wadsworth and Woodman.

7.The oilcloth doesn't keep out the rain.

8.Oilcloth was used on the kitchen walls and ceiling.

9.Many walls and ceilings were covered with oilcloth fabrics and combustible soundproof tiles.

10.Others have oilcloth-topped tables, menus, souvenirs, even air conditioning.

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cloth treated on one side with a drying oil or synthetic resin

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