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English-Hindi > orthogneiss

orthogneiss meaning in Hindi

orthogneiss sentence in Hindi
1.Granite from the Cambrian and Ordovician has turned into orthogneiss.

2.East of the lakes are dark amphibolite, orthogneiss and mica quartz schist.

3.The mountain made of Cretaceous Orthogneiss, and Tonalite.

4.First " orthogneiss and similar metasedimentary rocks " implies that orthogniess is metasedimentary.

5.The land is composed of paragneiss of amphibolite and orthogneiss dated 1 billion years.

6.Mount Triumph is composed of old orthogneiss.

7.The entire body of the orthogneiss is intensively foliated in a NW-SE fashion.

8.Orthogneiss is derived from igneous rocks.

9.The oldest rocks are from the Cambrian, possibly the Precambrian, and are orthogneiss and paragneiss.

10.The flank of the mountain on the southwest side are made of Triassic Orthogneiss and Triassic to Permian Heterogeneous Metamorphic rock.

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