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English-Hindi > orthogonal

orthogonal meaning in Hindi

orthogonal sentence in Hindi
1.Voulgaris applied the orthogonal rule in the urban complex of Patras.

2.The coordinate axes of each frame are still parallel and orthogonal.

3.It is a square bipyramid in any of three orthogonal orientations.

4.The VAX instruction set was designed to be powerful and orthogonal.

5.Unlike PCA, this technique will not necessarily produce orthogonal vectors.

6.An orthogonal matrix " Q " is necessarily reflection.

7.The converse is also true : orthogonal matrices imply orthogonal transformations.

8.The converse is also true : orthogonal matrices imply orthogonal transformations.

9.Now consider orthogonal matrices with bottom right entry equal to 1.

10.The real analogue of a unitary matrix is an orthogonal matrix.

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having a set of mutually perpendicular axes; meeting at right angles; "wind and sea may displace the ship''s center of gravity along three orthogonal axes"; "a rectangular Cartesian coordinate system"
Synonyms: rectangular,

statistically unrelated

not pertinent to the matter under consideration; "an issue extraneous to the debate"; "the price was immaterial"; "mentioned several impertinent facts before finally coming to the point"
Synonyms: extraneous, immaterial, impertinent,

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