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ousia sentence in Hindi

"ousia" meaning in Hindiousia in a sentence
  • The unqualified answer of what is white is the ousia of white.
  • Mankind is not absorbed into the God's ousia or hypostases or energies in theosis.
  • Ousia is thus the answer to the question of " what is being " when the question is without qualification.
  • Their formula was that the Father and Son are'like in ousia'( E????? ???'?P???? ).
  • Since all fathers beget sons that are like them in ousia, this must be so of the Sabellian heresy.
  • The starting point of the scholarly controversy is the disputed meaning of the Greek concept of " ousia ".
  • In Eastern Orthodox theology, God's uncreatedness or being or essence in Greek is called " ousia ".
  • Jesus was God in essence, being, and / or nature ( ousia ), which the Latin fathers translated as substantia.
  • While Vladimir Lossky defines the ousia of God as " all that subsists by itself and which has not its being in another.
  • They held that the Son was like the Father in some sense but that even to speak of " ousia " was impertinent speculation.
  • A loss of these tenets by the West was due to a misunderstanding of Greek terms such as ousia, theosis, and theoria.
  • Hence, created beings are united to God through participation in the divine energies and not the divine essence or " ousia ".
  • In a brief statement, I shall say that essence ( ousia ) is related to person ( hypostasis ) as the general to the particular.
  • In their writings they made extensive use of the ( now orthodox ) formula " one substance ( ousia ) in three persons ( hypostaseis ) ".
  • In the Eastern Orthodox what is God in essence ( ousia ) is not manifest in the created but rather is superior, beyond, above it.
  • Heidegger later traced the concept of subject to the metaphysical concept of " ousia " to demonstrate the impossibility of eliminating the subject by simply historicizing it.
  • Essence corresponds to the ousia's definition; essence is a real and physical aspect of the ousia ( Aristotle, " Metaphysics ", I ).
  • Essence corresponds to the ousia's definition; essence is a real and physical aspect of the ousia ( Aristotle, " Metaphysics ", I ).
  • In the filial relation with God the Father through Jesus Christ, one in ousia with the Father, which results in pure faith without any preconceived notions of God.
  • "' Di Dollari "'began as a collaboration between Paul Horn ( Ousia, Shapeshifter ) and Glen Jones ( Grow Like Topsy ) in 1996.
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