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English-Hindi > ousia

ousia meaning in Hindi

ousia sentence in Hindi
1.The unqualified answer of what is white is the ousia of white.

2.Mankind is not absorbed into the God's ousia or hypostases or energies in theosis.

3.Ousia is thus the answer to the question of " what is being " when the question is without qualification.

4.Their formula was that the Father and Son are'like in ousia'( E????? ???'?P???? ).

5.Since all fathers beget sons that are like them in ousia, this must be so of the Sabellian heresy.

6.The starting point of the scholarly controversy is the disputed meaning of the Greek concept of " ousia ".

7.In Eastern Orthodox theology, God's uncreatedness or being or essence in Greek is called " ousia ".

8.Jesus was God in essence, being, and / or nature ( ousia ), which the Latin fathers translated as substantia.

9.While Vladimir Lossky defines the ousia of God as " all that subsists by itself and which has not its being in another.

10.They held that the Son was like the Father in some sense but that even to speak of " ousia " was impertinent speculation.

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