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English-Hindi > outgoings

outgoings meaning in Hindi

outgoings sentence in Hindi
• लागत

• निर्गम
1.It includes rents and outgoings such as property tax and maintenance costs.

2.A quiet summer in terms of transfer arrivals contrasted to the outgoings.

3.In subsequent years, the SSB continued to incur no significant outgoings.

4.As the peso depreciates, their income is shrinking relative to their fixed outgoings.

5.In 2005 the Church of England had estimated total outgoings of around ?00 million.

6.In Australia, progress draws are interest only to minimise the outgoings for the borrower.

7.In another keep all reciepts, invoices, bills, and other evidence of your outgoings.

8.Money management can mean gaining greater control over outgoings and incomings, both in personal and business perspective.

9.On the other hand, that realisation did not lead him to limit his outgoings to any significant extent.

10.By 1850 four new rooms had been built at the Hospital, but by 1881 outgoings were exceeding income.

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