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English-Hindi > outgroup

outgroup meaning in Hindi

outgroup sentence in Hindi

• बहि:समूह
• बहिःसमूह
• बाह् य समूह
• बाह्य समूह
1.This is seen on the group level with ingroup outgroup bias.

2.Tamil is a conservative Dravidian language, but not an outgroup.

3.A related potential moderator is the outgroup membership of the message source.

4.Lisa Rosenberger's 2001 phylogenetic analysis, based on outgroup ).

5.Furthermore, groupthink can produce dehumanizing actions against the " outgroup ".

6.In turn, this also leads to positive attitudes about the outgroup.

7.Svan is an innovative Kartvelian language, but an outgroup within Kartvelian.

8.A similar bias on the group level is called the outgroup homogeneity bias.

9.A perceptual dilemma arises during conflict and is a product of outgroup bias.

10.Vicarious contact involves simply observing an ingroup member interact with an outgroup member.

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