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English-Hindi > outgun

outgun meaning in Hindi

outgun sentence in Hindi
• से अधिक सैन्यशक्ति होना
1.The Saints only hope is that Jim Everett can outgun Kosar.

2.At the moment the Bosnian Serbs vastly outgun the government troops.

3.Who thought New Jersey would outgun Jaromir Jagr and and the Pens?

4.Indianapolis-Sports :-- Pacers-outgun-Warr RTR PHILLIPPI

5.Both militias outnumber and outgun Hamza's force.

6.This tactic allowed the Poles to outgun their enemies.

7.Taiwan can never hope to outgun the mainland.

8.They can outspend and outgun the government.

9.When it comes to selling playthings online, it's hard to outgun eToys.

10.So while Hyland bedeviled the Crimson, he couldn't outgun them by himself.

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