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pabulum sentence in Hindi

"pabulum" meaning in Hindipabulum in a sentence
  • Responds Weymouth : " As if rock is pabulum.
  • Family fare doesn't always have to be pabulum.
  • Those " arguing " keep here are regurgitating nothing more than pabulum.
  • Pass up your usual Grisham courtroom pabulum and choose this meaty story instead.
  • Are they treating you as an intelligent adult or simply pandering with political pabulum?
  • The songs might seem pabulum to American rappers, but they are big sellers throughout Asia.
  • "There's a little more meat and potatoes and less pabulum ."
  • If the candidates produce the boring pabulum the TV executives predict, the press will pound them.
  • Instead they get fed this pabulum of cultural something-or-other that puts everyone to sleep.
  • But he held forth for the crowd at his locker, dishing out cliched pabulum like a pro.
  • By then, the hope is that Schilling will be out of pabulum to fling from his high chair.
  • But Puzo insists he is not spooning out literary pabulum, that he writes popular books on serious topics.
  • The noirish " Sexy Beast " holds out hope for comments beyond the usual pabulum, but no.
  • The yearbook is called " Lawrencian " and the student newspaper is called " Mental Pabulum ".
  • That  chill is what makes them more intriguing and unique than the mainstream pabulum that the powers that be are programming.
  • But, in fact, spending time visiting the candidates'home pages is largely an exercise in being spoon-fed pabulum.
  • Because that's what we apparently want in a president-- a really rich guy who worships our middle-class pabulum.
  • They've managed to engage viewers who've seen enough terrorism and war footage in recent years to be suspicious of pabulum.
  • It is made-for-TV pabulum, meant to satisfy unsophisticated palates the way restaurants make ordinary food seem appetizing with highfalutin menus.
  • Most advertising for giant mutual funds is baby-boomer pabulum : generic displays of Frisbee-catching dogs, handsome couples and grinning college graduates.
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